MSE MSU provides direct contact between the student and the leading researcher.
Due to a relatively small student groups the students get a real opportunity to be in contact with leading researchers, experts recognized worldwide.
Therefore a scientific seminar is an important form of teaching at MSE MSU when researchers, experts and professors discuss current issues of economics and economic practice, as well as problems with their students, methodology and results of researches carried out in the framework of students course and diploma papers.
Acting scientific and practical seminar «State and Economy» is working in MSE MSU in which famous Russian and foreign economists, politologists and representatives of RF Legislative and Executive powers as well as large financial and commercial corporations are taking part.


MSE MSU graduates get fundamental mathematical training and deep insight into Russian economic realities, they gain a professional understanding of all major sections and modern trends of economics — the knowledge that will grant them additional competitive advantages for employment in federal and regional authorities, large corporations, research and higher schools. Theoretical training, vast practical experience, collaboration with the best Russian and foreign professors enable MSE graduates to become broad-minded professionals able to find daring original solutions to various economic and business challenges.


The program includes optional advanced course of English delivered by highly professional lecturers.


Students of MSE have an opportunity to participate in the activities of such self-administrating student bodies as MSU Student Council, Young Scientists’ Council and various cultural events organized by MSU Cultural Center and MSU Theater. All MSU sports facilities (tennis courts, swimming pool, football pitch) are likewise at their disposal.

Naturally, the students can enjoy all the theatres, museums and art galleries of Moscow! Among them are such well known names as The Bolshoi and Mali Theatres (the latter is the oldest theater in Russia set up in 1756 on the basis of Moscow University), Tretyakov Art Gallery, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and many, many others.


We attach great importance to organizing different meetings, conferences, seminars and round table discussions with participation of prominent politicians, public figures, scientist and cultural workers. During the years the School was visited by the USSR President (Mikhail Gorbachev, US President George Bush, Snr., Director of the State Fine Art Museum called after Alexander Pushkin, Full Time Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Irina Antonova, Rector of the «Middle Tennessee State University», Dr. Sidney A. McАFee, representatives of FAO HQ, Head of CEOs’ International organization Sir Freser Morrison, Chief of the Russian Sports Committee V.A Fetisov and many others.

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