Daisuke Kotegawa: « The economic situation in Japan and China in the context of the global economy »

MSE MSU visiting professor Daisuke Kotegawa (Japan) holds a course of lectures for MSE PhD and Master Program students on the topic: ˝The economic situation in Japan and China in the context of the global economy˝ from 20 till 24 March.

Mr. Daisuke Kotegawa was the Executive Director for Japan at the IMF from July 2007 to August 2010.

At the moment Prof. Kotegava is the Research Director of CANON Institute for Global Studies, a Senior Adviser at PricewaterhouseCoopers Arata, at a number of Japanese companies and the Government of China (City Planning). He is the team leader of Special Task Force of the Japanese Government to work on the reform of SOEs and NPLs of Viet Nam.

This year, in accordance with the cooperation plan between the MSE MSU and the Research and Educational Center of  the Institute for Social and Economic Development of Territories of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISEDT RAS , Vologda), a series of online lectures of Professor D. Kotegawa for graduates  and  scientific staff of the ISEDT RAS was organized.

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