Delegation of University of Leicester (Great Britain) headed by the Pro-vice-chancellor Professor Sarah Dixon visited on 6 of March 2017 Moscow School of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

University of Leicester (Great Britain) delegation headed by the Pro-vice-chancellor for International Relations Professor Sarah Dixon and accompanied by Dr. Sandro Sozzo, Director of the Institute of Quantum, Social and Cognitive Science, an expert in interdisciplinary applied research in the social sciences at the University of Leicester visited on 6 of March Moscow School of Economics Lomonosov  Moscow State University


The guests were met by the director of MSE MSU, Full Member of RAS A.D. Nekipelov, First Deputy Director S.V. Shakin, Deputy Director for Master’s and  postgraduate   education Full Member of RAS V.M. Polterovich, Deputy Director Professor V.A. Kravets, Head of the Education Department I.E. Bogatova, Deputy Head of the Department of International Educational Programs (Master’s) A.A. Hakobyan, Coordinator of International cooperation E.P. Zavarzina.

In accordance with the program of the visit:

● The Parties signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Education and Research  between Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow School of Economics and the University of Leicester, UK. On behalf of MSU   the agreement was signed by the Pro-Rector of Moscow State University — Head of the Department for International Educational Cooperation, Professor Yu. A. Mazey and Director of Moscow School of Economics MSU, Full Member of RAS  A.D. Nekipelov; on behalf of University of Leicester   the agreement was signed by the Pro-vice-chancellor for International Affairs   Professor Sarah Dixon.

●  After the formal part, Professor Sarah Dixon and Dr. Sozzo met with the students and presented them possibilities of cooperation between the two Universities. The meeting was attended   by undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students of Moscow State University. After the lecture the guests held Questions and Answers session. Professor Sarah Dixon answered questions from the audience.

● At the end of the visit, the guests visited the observation platform on Vorobyovy Gory, admired the panorama of Moscow, took photos to commemorate the visit to the main university of our country.

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8707.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8708.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8711.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8713.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8726.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8727.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8731.JPG

P:\2017\06.03.17 У-тет Лестера\IMG_8749.JPG

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