MSE MSU hosted the opening of the first English-language master’s program in Moscow State University: “International Economics and Finance”

The first English-language master’s programme in Moscow State University: “International Economics and Finance” / “Master of Science in Global Finance and Economics” was launched in the Academic Council’s hall of MSE on September 15.


The event was opened and addressed by:

Director of MSE MSU, Full Member of RAS Alexander Nekipelov and the Academic Program Manager — Deputy Minister of Finance of Russian Federation Serguey A. Storchak

The students of the new programme were also addressed with kind wishes by:

● Full member of RAS  Viktor M. Polterovich - MSE MSU Deputy Director,

● Professor Viktor  A. Kravets — MSE MSU Deputy Director,

● Corresponding member of  RAS Mikhail  Yu. Golovnin – MSE MSU Professor (Department of the General Economic Theory). The  first Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics (RAS)

Murad K. Alimuradov — Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Financial strategy Department

Anton O. Belyakov -Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the General economic theory department

● S. A. Solomonov — Senior Consultant at “Ernst and Young” (Moscow).

The meeting was also attended by leading professors and young teachers of the MSE MSU, heads of departments and senior students of the MSE MSU .

The students of the first intake of the new program — citizens of Russian Federation, Serbia, Japan, India and China — got acquainted with the history of MSE MSU, with the prospects for the development of the Moscow School of Economics and learned about the opportunities that open up to every student of Russia’s main university.

A student from Serbia, Jovanna Andjusic, shared her professional plans with all those present and told why she came to study in Russia and chose this programme; Olga Polyanskaya, a Russian student, told about her education that she received in London and why she decided to enroll in the English-language Master’s program “International Economics and Finance” at MSE MSU.

We sincerely wish the students of our new English-language programme successful and interesting studies!

Our teachers will do everything to ensure that the knowledge and experience that the future masters receive in Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University will become a reliable foundation in their future professional career!

Welcome to the Moscow School of Economics dear friends!

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